Talking Forgiveness With Pamela Gregory

Discussion of forgiveness and how it effects all aspects of your life with Pamela Gregory.

Her mission is to bring the healing power of forgiveness to the awareness of everyone on a worldwide basis. She has spent over 20 years in the health and wellness industry as a fitness trainer, holistic health practitioner, and nutritional consultant. Her greatest passion is to research empowering ways to help people heal themselves. The primary focus of her work today is in helping others heal on an emotional and energetic level.

Pamela’s latest healing discovery and main topic of this show is called Heart Forgiveness. Heart Forgiveness delivers ACHIEVABLE, MEASUREABLE FORGIVENESS and is the brainchild of Dr. Ed Carlson, Founder of Core Health Energy Essentials ( Dr. Carlson has achieved breakthroughs in areas yet to be found anywhere else. As a Heart Forgiveness Facilitator, she has found this to be the missing piece needed to help others finally achieve forgiveness of themselves, others and God, thus releasing anger, grief and guilt. Heart Forgiveness RESTORES the body’s emotional and energetic balance back to the time before the event that caused it. This creates a bio-chemical, physiological shift in the body, allowing your Mind, Body, and Soul to return to its natural state of health. Resolving long term hurts and grievances can produce miracles in your life and the lives of others, especially when considering that most of the issues causing us grief involve those closest to us.

Just imagine the healing that can take place in entire families when these issues are no longer negatively impacting your life!

Pamela is founder of Forgiveness Healing International (, and a Heart Forgiveness facilitator in Florida.

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