Journey of Self

Journey of Self

Dr. Ed Carlson © 2009

We are all interested to some extent in the meaning of life and our unique individual purpose. Many people are eager to sell you their ideas of what you should think, act, do . . . to “achieve your dreams and goals.” Many utilize the notion of being stuck in the endless swamp of working on your self. Few assist you in being solidly and uniquely You, living life in power and joy . . . beyond your dreams.

Evaluation and assessment of the myriad and confusing possibilities for change – sifting and sorting for the truly effective, transformative, simplest, quickest, with results – includes these questions:

  1. Basic Concept? Is it “Outside In?” (Em-power) Or, “Inside Out?” (In-Power) Does someone have to “do this for you or to you?” Or, do you gain In-Power to master it for your self? Are people seen as basically bad, or basically good? Chip away at pain and negatives in the pond of dis-ease – or leap into the Ocean of Health?
  2. How To? Telling is not teaching. Learning is not Being. Information is not transformation. Are there only more “words about” the area, or sign posts, band-aids and patchwork, fake-it-til-you-make-it, and throwing darts at isolated issues that keep popping up? Or, is this an effective PROCESS for you individually with results that are measurable and demonstrate your personal progress?
  3. How long will the results last? Is this a temporary emotional release, like pus from a boil? Or, is this a clearing that is durable and permanent? Demonstrated and Measured?
  4. When will I be finished? Is this a “never ending story?” Or, does each aspect have a finality and mastery to use creatively for life?
  5. Then what? When I am finished, then how do I live as my True Self from the essence of my Being? Are you left on your own, or, are there Life Applications? There are very few articles or books about living powerfully and joyfully from fullness. Be in Love with Life, and Live with Joy.

Core Health Personal Progress Journey
You are not broken and do not need to be fixed. Neither is the world. Like perfect genes, we are each born with pure health, our powerful core. Clouds of confusion begin to cover this: from parents, school, church, society, organizations, friends… A Facilitator (“one who makes the way easy”) walks with you on your path for a while as you clear away the clouds of confusion to re-gain the in-power to walk your unique path powerfully.

Optimal Sequence

  1. Heart Forgiveness: Master clearing your energy in regard to others, self, God, then live free of anger – unoffendable. This is the mastery level and finish of Heart Forgiveness.
  2. Core Health: Master creating a solid self, then freeing your energy from parents, family, and culture.
  3. Funny Money: Master being in harmony with Money as a Symbol for the RICHNESS of ALL Life.
  4. Continuous Meditation: Master living 24/7/365 with razor sharp focused energy and attentiveness.
  5. Silent Retreat: With clear mind and clear subconscious mind, Master “Be Still and Know” as your Inner Teacher communicates the cosmos to you in your personal language. Prerequisites: Minimal: Core Health Expansion Levels 1, 2, 3. Recommended: Heart Forgiveness and Continuous Meditation.


  • We come spinning into existence as expressions of the Universe.
  • Clearing away the clouds of confusion, we re-gain the KNOWING of a child to combine with the SKILLS of an adult, living powerfully, confidently and effectively.
  • We shift into BEing, which flows into our DOing.
  • Dr. Ira Progoff was aware we are all called to be Holy Books. His final Intensive Journal workbook section is “Testament” – when you personally experience and KNOW with your whole being, you write in this section.
  • On the Core Health Personal Progress Journey, you can write in this section … then CLOSE the book and walk on … living in the fullness and richness of Life in daily Awe and Wonder – beyond your dreams and wildest imagination – with ever emerging new pages as you stride confidently in the Mystery of Life.

You have met the challenge of the Oracle at Delphi: “Know Thy Self.”

You have transcended the fear of Zusa, a wise man who returned to his village white and shaken from his time alone on top of the mountain.
“What is wrong, Zusa?” villagers inquired. “
“Why are you shaking with fear?”
“I know what God is going to ask me when I die,” replied Zusa. “What could be so terrible?”
“I know what God is going to ask me when I die,” choked out Zusa.
The villagers all agreed, “You have been a wonderful person, Zusa, helpful and caring . . . what? . . . what could God ask you that is so terrible?”
Still shaking, Zusa replied, “God is going to ask me . . . ‘Why were you not Zusa?’”

BE your SELF. Journey with KNOWING.

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