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Anger – Management or Elimination

Consider the usual scenario: Over the years you have filled yourself up with the energy frequency of anger. It is resonating within you. When someone “shoots” anger at you, or pushes your ignition button, that energy spark connects to the energy “fuel” of anger within you which has accumulated over many years. You ignite. In other words, you explode with anger. Sound familiar?

Give as Good as You Get: How to Deal with Anger

Forgiveness does YOUR body good – it benefits YOU first . . . then everybody else.
When you choose forgiveness, you really do get as good as you give! As a gift from your self.

What’s Your Attitude?

What's your attitude?

It is hard to keep you attitude under control when you harbor anger. Our muscle testing results demonstrate that nearly all of those tested were holding even their first anger; AND every anger since then. No wonder so many people are in ‘anger management’ classes and therapies.

But, there is a way to empty that toxic bag and set yourself free.

The Heart Forgiveness process is designed to release these angers:

  • anger at others
  • anger at self
  • anger at god

How freeing do you think you would feel without a world of anger within?


Heart, Hormones, and Emotion

discovered that the heart attacks had taken place a mere two hours after angry venting and that anger had actually doubled their risk of an attack.

Dump Anger Now

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"You are not broken and do not need to be fixed. Neither is the world." Dr. Ed Carlson, founder of Heart Forgiveness

"Love is the greatest healer of all...but to get there we must first FORGIVE!" Pamela Gregory, founder of Forgiveness Healing International, Inc.

"You evolve others as you evolve yourself" Johan Miller, founder of Worldwide Kindness Community

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